Domestic Assault

Brentwood Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a genuinely awful crime, a true scourge on our society. It’s so awful that no one should be falsely accused. No one should be denied due process and fair treatment by the legal system if they are accused of this crime. The American way is to presume innocence until proven guilty, no matter the alleged crime. Those ideals are even more important to uphold when the alleged crime is one we rightfully abhor. Fancher Law Firm will fight for the good name and freedom of our defendant clients. 

Our Brentwood domestic violence lawyer is committed to giving every client the strong legal representation they deserve. We serve all of Williamson County and throughout Davidson and Wilson counties. Defendants deserve more than just an attorney—they deserve legal counsel that truly believes in them, on a personal level, and their right to fairness, justice, and a better future. 

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Domestic Violence Laws in Tennessee

The crimes that are usually involved in domestic violence—primarily assault—are crimes on their own. What makes them domestic violence is the nature of the relationship of the victim with the defendant. Tennessee law requires that there be a “domestic relationship”. This includes people who are married, and those in a romantic relationship. It also includes ex-spouses and those with whom a previous relationship may have been broken off. Domestic violence applies in cases involving blood relatives, and it can apply when the defendant and victim live under the same roof. And domestic violence applies when a parent is accused of a committing a crime against a child. 

The difference between domestic violence charges and those that involve someone from outside this domestic relationship circle are no mere legal technicality. When prosecutors bring domestic violence charges, they can seek enhanced sentencing. It’s possible for misdemeanors to become felonies. Losing civil rights, including the right to a firearm is possible under domestic violence laws. 

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Defenses Against Domestic Violence

The defense strategy used will depend on the unique circumstances that are involved in every individual case. Broadly speaking though, defenses against domestic violence in Tennessee might include the following…

Self-Defense: It’s an unfortunate reality that there are family relationships which get violent, or at least threaten to. It’s possible a defendant took the actions they did in self-defense, something to which they have to right to do under Tennessee law, so long as it was realistic to perceive the threat and the response was proportionate. 

Mistaken Intent: This can apply in domestic assault cases. Assault does not require the victim to have been physically struck (that would be battery). Assault is when the threat is made. Is it possible the defendant’s words were misconstrued? Our Brentwood domestic violence lawyer will find out. 

An even bigger, more all-encompassing defense strategy is this—the defendant did not what they are accused of doing and there is not sufficient evidence to suggest they did. Defendants have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and they are to presumed innocent until that threshold is reached. 

Legal Representation Defendants Can Trust

A person accused of domestic violence is fighting for their record, their reputation, and their very freedom. They may have been abandoned by their community, friends, and even their family in a society that all too often rushes to judgment before knowing all the facts. Defendants need to know their attorney has their back. At Fancher Law Firm we do. 

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