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Drug charges can change a person’s life overnight. The consequences of a conviction can linger well after the sentence has been served. A drug record can negatively impact future efforts to find a job, get housing or do anything else that requires a background check. That’s to say nothing of the potential jail sentence that can come from conviction. Defendants facing charges from the District Attorney’s office need to know their legal counsel will fight hard for them, down to the very last legal detail. At Fancher Law Firm, that’s what our clients get. 

Our Brentwood drug crime lawyer is committed to giving every client the strong legal representation they deserve. Fancher Law Firm serves all of Williamson County and throughout Davidson and Wilson counties. Defendants deserve more than just an attorney—they deserve legal counsel that truly believes in them, on a personal level, and their right to fairness, justice, and a better future. 

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Drug Crimes & Penalties in the State of Tennessee

The different crimes associated with drugs can be categorized as follows…

Simple Possession: This is when a person is charged with having a small amount of illegal drugs. This is a misdemeanor offense in the state of Tennessee, but misdemeanors can still result in jail time, along with all the other negative consequences that come from having a drug record. And depending on the circumstances, simple possession can turn into drug trafficking charges, which is a felony offense. 

Possession with Intent: If authorities believe that the purpose of possession the drugs was to sell them, then more serious charges can be brought. This is determined by the quantity in possession. Under Tennessee law, when there is more than a half-ounce of drugs on hand, that can point to intent. 

Selling Drugs: Officially called “sale of a controlled substance”, this charge is exactly what it appears—the defendant is alleged to have been caught in the act of selling drugs. 

Manufacturing: This is the actual production of the drugs. A high-profile example would be a meth lab. It can also involve producing marijuana, which remains illegal in the state of Tennessee, save for limited cases when it can be prescribed by a doctor. 

The penalties for drug crimes depend not only the actual offense, but what type of drug is involved. Tennessee law places each illegal drug into one of five schedules. Schedule I is the most serious, and includes drugs that are highly addictive and have no medicinal value. Heroin would be a prime example. The opposite extreme is Schedule V, where the drugs have a low addiction likelihood and also have legitimate uses when prescribed by a doctor. Codeine is one example among many. 

Sentencing in the event of conviction will also depend on the prior record of the defendant. To again use the extremes, a Schedule I offense by a person with a prior record may result in 40 years behind bars. A crime involving Schedule V drugs by someone with no prior record may get a year or less of jail time. 

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The Value of the 4th Amendment in Drug Cases

The 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution protects everyone from unreasonable search and seizure. Put simply, the police must have either a search warrant or probable cause to conduct any search of a person’s property. If the police fail to follow this protocol and respect constitutional rights, any evidence they collect in the search can be dismissed and never presented to a jury. 

This is true in all criminal cases, but it can be especially relevant in drug cases. Physical evidence—the actual drugs—are often necessary for prosecutors to get a conviction. In the event that evidence was illegally obtained, the D.A. may have no choice but to drop the charges. There are a lot of possible defense angles that a Brentwood drug crimes lawyer can and should pursue, but the veracity of the evidence against the defendant is usually a good place to start. 

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