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Any DUI conviction is serious. Even a first offense in the state of Tennessee results in a minimum of two days in jail and host of other potential consequences. But those consequences—and the possible jail time—get more severe with each subsequent conviction. Our Brentwood multiple DUI lawyer understands how the system works, understands that there is often more to a DUI charge than meets the eye, and above all, understands how much defendants need their counsel to be aggressively thorough in investigating the incident and doing legal battle with the District Attorney’s office. 

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Penalties for Multiple DUI Convictions in Tennessee

After a first conviction—punishable by 48 hours in jail, a fine between $350 and $1,500 and one year’s loss of a driver’s license, the penalties for subsequent convictions escalate thusly…

2nd Offense

Now, the jail sentence will be at least 45 days long. Fines can range between $600 to $3,500, and the defendant will lose their driver’s license for a period of two years. 

3rd Offense

The fine levied will be at least $1,100 and potentially as high as $10,000. The driver’s license is now gone for three years. And the jail sentence? No fewer than 120 days (roughly 4 months). 

It’s possible that a Brentwood multiple DUI attorney can negotiate for a restricted driver’s license. This would likely come with a requirement that Ignition Interlock Device (IID) be installed into the car. This technology effectively does its own breathalyzer test, and the car will not start if the person’s blood-alcohol content (BAC) level is over the legal limit of .08%. The installation of IID will take place at the defendant’s expense. 

Mandatory participation in an alcohol treatment program can happen as soon as the first conviction, although it’s at the judge’s discretion. On multiple offenses, mandatory treatment is part of the minimum sentence. 

To this point, the DUI charges we have discussed are all misdemeanor offenses—a good reminder of how serious even misdemeanors can be. After three convictions, future charges will be brought as felonies. This means a conviction will bring a minimum of a full year in jail and perhaps as long as 6 years. 

Strong Legal Defense You Can Count On

It can be scary facing consequences like these, against the power of the District Attorney’s office. But there is hope. There are viable ways to challenge a DUI charge—everything from the validity of the stop, the propriety of the test to the accuracy of the results are all more legally vulnerable than many people realize. Before giving up, give us a call. Our Brentwood multiple DUI lawyer wants to help. 

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