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Traffic tickets can cover everything from speeding violations to driving with an expired license, and a whole lot more. It’s an easy temptation to just plead guilty, pay the fine, and get it over with. But before doing that, people should talk to a reliable attorney about their options because the consequences of traffic convictions are more far-reaching than whatever penalty a judge hands down. 

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Why to Contest a Traffic Ticket in Tennessee

The consequences of traffic tickets will almost certainly include increased auto insurance premiums. The increases will often be substantial, and the presence of recent traffic violations can make finding better rates with another carrier difficult if not impossible. The actual cost of the traffic ticket itself is, quite frankly, probably the least significant of the defendant’s financial concerns. 

Then there’s the matter of points. Traffic violations mean points go on your driving record. Drivers that accumulate 12 points over a year’s time under the Tennessee Traffic Violation Point System will have their license suspended. 

Finally, if the offense is serious enough, there can be jail time as a result. Even a Class C misdemeanor, the lowest charge in the Tennessee criminal code, has the potential for a 30-day jail sentence. 

All of these are good reasons to fight a traffic ticket .

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How to Contest a Traffic Ticket

A lawyer has to perform their due diligence in digging up evidence and in the case of speeding violations, that can start with the reliability of the radar gun itself. While a properly maintained radar gun is extremely accurate, there are also calibration rules that the police must follow with their equipment. A radar gun needs to be re-calibrated before every shift and this must be documented. Failure to do so can give defense counsel an opportunity to have the evidence thrown out of court, or at least cast doubt upon its reliability. 

Depending on what the violation is, witness testimony may also be important. Furthermore, if the incident took place in an area where there were traffic cameras, the defense attorney can subpoena that footage if it can vindicate their client. There are a lot of ways to verify exactly what happened in a traffic incident and people who get a ticket should not feel like they have to simply accept the authorities’ interpretation of events. 

The Reliable Brentwood Traffic Lawyer You Need

Fancher Law Firm knows all too well that mistakes get made by law enforcement and those mistakes result in injustices. An injustice need not be a dramatic incident that gets national attention to have a real, negative impact on a defendant’s life. Something as a basic as an unfair traffic ticket can cause all those problems and good attorneys have the responsibility to step up. Let us help you. 

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