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Criminal charges are divided into two broad categories—felonies and misdemeanors. And while the latter might the lesser of the charges, these “lesser” charges can still result in fines, a criminal record, and, in certain circumstances, jail time. Defendants who face misdemeanor charges need counsel that will take the case with the seriousness that it deserves. 

Our Brentwood misdemeanors lawyer is committed to giving every client strong legal representation on each and every case. Fancher Law Firm serves all of Williamson County and throughout Davidson and Wilson counties. Defendants deserve more than just an attorney—they deserve legal counsel that truly believes in them, on a personal level, and their right to fairness, justice, and a better future. 

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Types of Misdemeanors in Tennessee

A misdemeanor is any crime where the maximum penalty for conviction is less than 1 year in prison. Anything that could result in a year or more behind bars is a felony. The state of Tennessee then further classifies misdemeanors thusly…

  • Class A Misdemeanor: This is the most serious of misdemeanor charges and the penalty could go as high as 11 months and 29 days in prison (2 days shy of a year). There are numerous offenses in this category, but a common one would be when the defendant is accused of violating a restraining order. 
  • Class B Misdemeanor: Prostitution charges, along with criminal trespass, are among the charges that appear in Class B. Conviction on any of these could mean six months of jail time and a fine that might go as high as $500. 
  • Class C Misdemeanor: A 30-day jail stint and a $50 fine is the max penalty for Class C convictions. Public drunkenness falls in this category, as does disorderly conduct, along with many others.

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Misdemeanor Sentencing

The sentences above are all the maximums allowed by law. The actual sentencing process gives judges considerable flexibility. The options at sentencing time certainly include penalties that are less than the max, and they also include the following…

  • Probation: A judge may hand down a sentence, but then put the defendant on probation. Probation is often accompanied by requirements for community service, rehabilitation work,  and regular visits with an officer of the law. But any jail time that was a part of the sentence will be held back, so long as the defendant complies with probation’s terms. This means a defendant can begin the process of starting their life over immediately, rather than after time is served. Probation can also be partial, where a defendant might serve time on weekends or overnight, while still working at their job. 
  • Judicial Adjudication: Under this option, a judge might issue terms similar to the ones of probation, but with an even better offer—that if the terms are complied with, the conviction can be expunged from the defendants’ record. It will be as though the incident never happened, at least in the eyes of the law, and will not show up in future background checks. To get judicial adjudication, a defendant must first plead guilty. Our Brentwood misdemeanors lawyer can advise clients on what is best in each individual situation. 
  • Pretrial Diversion: Similar to judicial adjudication, except that the person in charge is the prosecutor. If the probationary terms are complied with, the prosecutor simply agrees never to bring the charges to begin with. 

Legal Representation You Can Trust

No criminal charge is truly minor, especially when you or someone you love is the one facing the charge. Fancher Law Firm is here to fight for you. 

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