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Those seeking permanent residency in the United States have a variety of paths they can use to gain that legal status. A common way is to work through the family unit. Family connections have played a historic role in American immigration law and these contacts can help someone obtain their green card—known officially as the Permanent Resident Card. At Fancher Law Firm, our Brentwood family petition lawyer can help immigrants and their families work through this entire process. 

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How Family-Based Immigration Petitions Work

The process begins when a U.S. resident that is either a permanent citizen or a green card holder themselves, steps up to sponsor a new applicant. The current resident will need to sign an affidavit of support. This is a serious commitment, as it makes the current resident financially responsible for the new applicant for a period of 10 years. 

Sponsorship and affidavits of support are intended to prevent new arrivals to the United States from needing government assistance, and they provide assurance to authorities that new immigrants have a base on which to a build a life for themselves. In the event they receive a green card and do end up needing public assistance, the sponsor could be held legally responsible for repaying the appropriate government agency. 

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Fiancé & Fiancée Visas

Being engaged or married to a permanent resident of the United States is a valid ground on which to apply for a green card. Types of visas that can be sought in this situation include…

  • K-1 Visa: When a person is marrying a U.S. citizen, they can apply for a K-1 visa to come to this country.  The applicant will need to demonstrate proof of the engagement. Examples of such evidence can include everything from e-mail correspondence to date-stamped photos to phone records. The objective is to demonstrate a timeline of how long the couple has known each other and assure immigration authorities that the relationship is genuine. If wedding plans have already begun, receipts for payments to vendors can be strong supporting evidence for the engagement. 
  • K-2 Visa: If the person applying for permanent residency also has children, then a K-2 visa is what is used for the kids. 
  • K-3 Visa: In some cases, the marriage may have taken place abroad. This can happen in situations that include military personnel stationed overseas, to an international employee working abroad for an extended period. The K-3 application, which will include proof of marriage, allows a permanent resident to bring their new spouse home. 

A Brentwood Family Petition Lawyer You Can Trust

Applicants should be aware that processing a green card application may take up to a year’s time, and possibly longer. The sooner we can get started on the paperwork, the better. At Fancher Law Firm, we not only handle the needed documentation, but we also work with clients on preparing for the interview and protecting their rights throughout the process. 

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